October 14, 2018 @ 10:08 AM

You should see look on peoples faces when I am out buying books to repurpose. They will make comments like, "the pages are so clean and look almost new." Then when I say " it matters not I am going to rip the pages out." They look at me like "are you kidding".."You are going to tear up a book."

"YES I am."

Removing the pages and recreating a book is what I do best. I am going to make the book something that you won't likely find in yard sales and flea markets after a family has used the book to store and recreate their memories. It will become a family treasure instead of something they read and then toss out for the next person.


Welcome to THE ALTERED BOOK NOOK. This is our first blogger post and we are going to share our repurpose journey with you. Follow us to the world of Altered Books.


Hope you enjoy the journey with me as I record a books journey from old tossed out yard sale trash to a beautiful Memory Journal that some lucky family will treasure for generations to come. Look for our creations of Esty and YouTube.