May 4, 2018 @ 11:31 AM

Some call them Junk Journals! Junk Journals are the most popular use of Altered Books?

An Altered Book for us at "The Altered Book Nook" can be seen in several stages.

1) STRIPPED-The Stripped altered book is the basic first step to creating an Altered Book. We take a old book or new book, any book with any  look and we begin by ripping some of the pages from the binder of the book, usually leaving 3 to 5 pages in the beginning and then tarring out 5 to 8 pages, then leaving 2 pages...remove 5 to 8, skip 2 remove 5 to 8 skip 2..........its a process...once we have done this we have a STRIPPED BOOK. We do sell stripped books for the person who wishes to design from scratch. Prices vary from $5 to $8 depending on the size and initial cost of the book. 

2)PREPPED-We take a stripped book to another level and paste two alternating pages together to form a pocket and this is done through the whole book and usually results in approximately 62 to 68 prepped pages per book. This can vary depending on the amount of original pages in the original book. We sell PREPPED books for $10 to $15 dollars. 

3) Basic Altered Book-This book is one step further in the process of forming a complete ALTERED BOOK. In this step we take the prepped book and add Scrapbook paper to each side of the pocket page. These can take on several looks. The basic is just  cut to fit scrapbook paper pasted to each page to form the background ready for decorating. A trimmed page is where we sew a design stitch in coordinating color along the edge of the paper before it is glued to the page or Fancy trimmed is were we add lace and stitch it to the paper before it is pasted into the book. These books sale from around $29 and are the most popular as these are ready for the DIY crafter who wants to make a Altered Book without all the fuse before the fun begins. 

4) Completed Altered Journal-This book has all the above plus additional crafted pockets made from decorative papers, die cut embellishments, tags, tickets and tons of other journal extras. This type book is normally purchased as a gift and is used to journal memories and add photos. These books range in pricing from $75 to $125 depending on the amount of extras that are added. BUT this book is something a family with treasure forever. They will easily fit on a bookshelf for easy storage. 

We will be posting a full journey of an altered book so stay tuned and enjoy the ride.