CBD-6001,  "Edith Marie LuvButtons" ChipBoard Art...This item is a printed clip art of a inked doll stamp by NanaK with 4 layers of 65 lb cardstock cut, glued and pressed to form a ChipBoard image of Edith Marie. Edith is dress in blue holding her pot of flowers. 
This ChipBoard Art is offered as a single item great for tags, journal covers and signatures.. Can be used anywhere you wish a raised design to stand our in your work. 

TERMS of Use.

This doll CANNOT be copied in any form. (Scanned into a computer, photocopied, etc..)

You may only us this doll in the ChlipBoard Art Format on a project you are creating. 

This ChipBoard Art CANNOT be packaged for sale without express permission from The Altered Book Nook and all packaged art ordered directly from The Altered Book Nook. We will package all CHIPBOARD Art ordered for resale. 

(It takes us approximately 50 plus hours to research, design, alter, assemble and produce these designs, saving you hour of time so you can produce your own works of art. THEREFORE, we kindly ask that you consider our time and efforts and be fair in the use of our products. We keep our prices reasonable so every crafter can afford to purchase and use our designs.)
Violations of our simple TERMS OF USE could result in legal action through jurisdiction in the STATE OF NORTH CAROLINA. 
Please contact us if you have question concerning our terms of use.
Thank you for your purchase,
The purchase of our designs are treated as DONATIONS to Blessings Covenant AJC and proceeds after fees are used in our mission projects.

CBD-6001 Edith Marie in Blue Chip Board Doll,

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